Remembering Bruce McLaren 50 Years Later and My March 2, 2020 Discovery of My Lost B&W 1969 Can-Am Photographs

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Welcome! We are under rapid construction. Art Hats Required!

Under construction -- Art Hats Required!

We, or, actually, I should say "I am working my tail off to get this new site o' mine functional before June 1, 2020. I have had my Art Hat on for over a month now.” I don't usually need a hard hat for this kind of construction, unless I fall asleep and fall out of my chair after a few days of sleep deprivation. It might be time to invent a combo Art Hard Hat. Oh, yah, and add on a Thinking Cap app.

This site is the culmination of several earlier sites that I created and utilized for my day job (psychiatry - adult ADHD specialist with one book credit so far), for a "duckitude" project, and for an early version of an online fine photography gallery and its short-lived brick-and-mortar existence.

However, this site's immediate inspiration and energy boost to do it comes from recently discovering some things that were lost for 50 years. When I say lost, I mean, stuck in the corner of a box that followed me around, and somehow stayed with me through thick and thin. I assumed it contained an old Malinverno 70mm x 70mm slide projector which I have been holding onto since I still have a large inventory of medium format transparencies taken with a Hasselblad 500 CM in the late 70s and early 80s. In late February 2020, I decided to finally unpack it and get it sold to someone who might actually put it to good use.

Stuck underneath it in the same box were another two boxes, each containing about 50-page sets of sleeved acetate protective pages for 35mm film strips. And, stored in the acetate sleeves were two sets of black and white negatives of photographs shot at the 1969 and 1970 LA Times Grand Prix Races at Riverside International Raceway. I was blown away by the discovery, since I had long ago accepted that they were gone and put it out of my mind so far, that I had forgotten I even did those photo projects those two years.

In August 1969, I got married. In September 1969 my second year of medical school took off like a rocket and the "side" projects disappeared. The side projects only received some attention every few years during vacations. The last vacation I was able to take was over 10 years ago.

If all goes well with the "side" jobs now, maybe I can ditch the main job.

It is now very clear that the practice of medicine as a sole practitioner is completely impossible due to all the new mandates for docs created in the last 10 years that make it impossible to run even a small private practice without a large staff. It requires (1) in-house prior authorization staff, (2) billing staff to deal with countless variations of insurance, (3) IT staff to keep the computers, handheld devices, EHR and electronic prescribing devices running properly and upgraded constantly due to the constant new mandates on record keeping and prescribing, (4) a scribe to take notes and write up patient visits, (5) a physician colleague or an ARNP or a PA for back up for going on vacation. Oh, I should not forget to mention how much time can get spent on crappy software that is constantly updated. What else? Hmmm.... not to be forgotten, (6) an in-house attorney, gifted at handling HIPPA, Medicare, contract, leasing, malpractice, disciplinary boards and employee law. After paying for all that help or doing it yourself, there’s not much left.

Thank you for visiting. I hope to get the racecar images fully posted in two weeks. First priority is McLaren remembrances. After the racecars, I will be posting a wide-range of award winning photography, for instance, the very best photograph of the Taj Mahal, ever, taken in October 1982.

As soon as I can get a sign-up form online for emailing my readers a newsletter to announce new postings of photography or other content, I will. Promise!